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Max’s Bar Mitzvah | Adat Shalom & Fairbanks Ranch Country Club

 Max had an awesome Bar Mitzvah starting with his rehearsal photos at Temple Adat Shalom followed by his party at Fairbanks Ranch Country Club!HoffmanPhotoVideo- Max's Bar Mitzvah-2HoffmanPhotoVideo- Max's Bar Mitzvah-41HoffmanPhotoVideo- Max's Bar Mitzvah-40HoffmanPhotoVideo- Max's Bar Mitzvah-34HoffmanPhotoVideo- Max's Bar Mitzvah-29HoffmanPhotoVideo- Max's Bar Mitzvah-22HoffmanPhotoVideo- Max's Bar Mitzvah-11HoffmanPhotoVideo- Max's Bar Mitzvah-87HoffmanPhotoVideo- Max's Bar Mitzvah-81HoffmanPhotoVideo- Max's Bar Mitzvah-53HoffmanPhotoVideo- Max's Bar Mitzvah-59HoffmanPhotoVideo- Max's Bar Mitzvah-136HoffmanPhotoVideo- Max's Bar Mitzvah-137HoffmanPhotoVideo- Max's Bar Mitzvah-141HoffmanPhotoVideo- Max's Bar Mitzvah-144HoffmanPhotoVideo- Max's Bar Mitzvah-156HoffmanPhotoVideo- Max's Bar Mitzvah-208HoffmanPhotoVideo- Max's Bar Mitzvah-307Like father like son!HoffmanPhotoVideo- Max's Bar Mitzvah-328HoffmanPhotoVideo- Max's Bar Mitzvah-356HoffmanPhotoVideo- Max's Bar Mitzvah-403There was no shortage of entertainment here! A photobooth, a dessert food truck, dancing and games. What more could a kid want?!HoffmanPhotoVideo- Max's Bar Mitzvah-406HoffmanPhotoVideo- Max's Bar Mitzvah-408Let’s not forget about the amazing candy bar!HoffmanPhotoVideo- Max's Bar Mitzvah-419HoffmanPhotoVideo- Max's Bar Mitzvah-454Human bowling? Sign me up!HoffmanPhotoVideo- Max's Bar Mitzvah-477Mitzvah, Bar Mitzvah

Venue: Adat Shalom

Party Venue: Fairbanks Ranch Country Club

Event Planner: Lydia Krasner – Mitzvah Event Productions

Interactive Entertainment: Party Pals

Novelty desserts: Sweet Treats

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Bar & Bat Mitzvah Videography

Videotaping a Mitzvah event gives us the special opportunity to weave together the most important moments of the day to create what we know will become a unique and important family memory.  We are so proud to know that the videos we work so hard to craft are passed down from generation to generation.

Thank you to the families below and to all of our clients for gifting us this privilege. Here are a few of our most recent Bar & Bat Mitzvah highlight videos that will now be forever preserved for these lucky Mitzvah kids and for their children and grandchildren (and more) to enjoy!

Jessica: Congregation Beth Israel, Hyatt La Jolla Aventine, Mitzvah Event Productions (Lydia Krasner), Heart 2 Heart (H2H) Entertainment, Chris Cott Airbrushing, Center of Attention, Concepts Event Design, A little Scene Flip Books

David: Congregation Beth Israel, Hilton San Diego Del Mar, Flowers by Azhar, Center of Attention, Eric Sands DJ, A Little Scene Flip Books

Alyssa: Del Mar Country Club, Cantor Kathy Robbins, Pacific Event Productions (Courtney Faughnan), Heart 2 Heart (H2H) Entertainment, Charming Expressions Candy Bar

Daniel: Congregation Beth El, Marriot Del Mar, Lickety Split Balloon Decor, Magic Mike, Yochanan Sebastian Winston

Rachel: Temple Emanu-El, Congregation beth Israel (Party), Mitzvah Event Productions (Lydia Krasner), ZG Productions, Guiseppe Catering, El Camino Livery


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