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Sabrina’s Bat Mitzvah | Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines

Sabrina’s journey in life has been filled with nothing but excitement, celebration & love! From the decor to the catering to the planning Sabrina’s parents thought of every detail! We worked closely with the family for months preparing for the party and we think they did a fantastic job! Every guest in the house was dancing, eating & celebrating Sabs!

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Andrew’s Bar Mitzvah | Congregation Beth Israel

We’re so happy Andrew chose us to document his Bar Mitzvah! We love working at Congregation Beth Israel and had a blast with Andrew and his friends & family!  BHV_8432 - Version 2 BHV_8498 (1) BHV_8554 BHV_8595 (1) BHV_8607 BHV_8647 (1) BHV_8655 BHV_8660 BHV_8670 BHV_8711 (1) BHV_8736 BHV_8840 BHV_8861 (1) BHV_8918 BHV_8925 (1) BHV_8956 (1) BHV_8965 BHV_8989 (1) BHV_9036 BHV_9061 (1) BHV_0085 BHV_0098 BHV_0120 BHV_0154 BHV_0169 BHV_0242 BHV_0246 BHV_0249 BHV_0258 BHV_0263 BHV_0290 BHV_0306 BHV_0337 BHV_0375 BHV_0539 BHV_0699 BHV_0811 BHV_0813 BHV_9095 BHV_9100 BHV_9777 BHV_9926

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