Photo Montage Samples

Photo montage styles and themes can vary. We will help you through the process of making either a simple and sentimental montage or an extravagant video to match your tastes and budget.

Montage Tips:

  • We suggest that Mitzvah montages be no longer than 8-12 minutes or about 150 photos
  • Brief video clips, although an additional charge, add a fantastic element of surprise and sentiment. Childhood clips should be brief and preferably funny. Some clients will have us video tape their Mitzvah humorously announcing their own photos and thanking their guests for attending.
  • Decide if you want your montage to be chronological or by themed sections. Some common themes are:  Baby, Judaica, Family, Vacation, Sports/Dance/Activities, Friends, Hebrew School Friends
  • Separate your photos into physical and/or digital folders to match your section and organize them by number (001, 002, 003, 004, etc)
  • Select 1-2 songs per section. Songs should be a mix of sentimental and fun to keep guests engaged
  • Be sure to include as many people in attendance as possible, family and friends will feel honored to be included

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