Andrew’s Bar Mitzvah | Congregation Beth Israel

We’re so happy Andrew chose us to document his Bar Mitzvah! We love working at Congregation Beth Israel and had a blast with Andrew and his friends & family!  BHV_8432 - Version 2 BHV_8498 (1) BHV_8554 BHV_8595 (1) BHV_8607 BHV_8647 (1) BHV_8655 BHV_8660 BHV_8670 BHV_8711 (1) BHV_8736 BHV_8840 BHV_8861 (1) BHV_8918 BHV_8925 (1) BHV_8956 (1) BHV_8965 BHV_8989 (1) BHV_9036 BHV_9061 (1) BHV_0085 BHV_0098 BHV_0120 BHV_0154 BHV_0169 BHV_0242 BHV_0246 BHV_0249 BHV_0258 BHV_0263 BHV_0290 BHV_0306 BHV_0337 BHV_0375 BHV_0539 BHV_0699 BHV_0811 BHV_0813 BHV_9095 BHV_9100 BHV_9777 BHV_9926

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