Moriah’s Bat Mitzvah Service | Temple Solel

Moriah did such a great job at her service at Temple Solel! We loved capturing her pre-service and service photos! Mazel Tov Moriah you are definitely going to do great things one day.HoffmanPhotoVideo- Moriah-1 HoffmanPhotoVideo- Moriah-11 HoffmanPhotoVideo- Moriah-18 HoffmanPhotoVideo- Moriah-22 HoffmanPhotoVideo- Moriah-25 HoffmanPhotoVideo- Moriah-45 HoffmanPhotoVideo- Moriah-53 HoffmanPhotoVideo- Moriah-78 HoffmanPhotoVideo- Moriah-82 HoffmanPhotoVideo- Moriah-94 HoffmanPhotoVideo- Moriah-99 HoffmanPhotoVideo- Moriah-109 HoffmanPhotoVideo- Moriah-127 HoffmanPhotoVideo- Moriah-173 HoffmanPhotoVideo- Moriah-190 HoffmanPhotoVideo- Moriah-219


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